Change Management

“People don’t resist change. They resist being changed!”

-Peter Senge

Change is hard. We get it. So, we provide organizations with a personal touch by directly partnering with leaders and building relationships with employees to engage and support them during the change process. We assess the current state, identifying skills gaps and developing a robust communication plan that disseminates the change over time ensuring a transparent process. We build a tailored change plan that engages employees and communicates strategically on the overall change effort. The best way to ensure your change initiative is “sticky” is to get your team involved and committed to building lasting change. There could be a host of reasons that may be driving the needs for change – outdated technologies, mergers or acquisitions, systemic issues in productivity, changes in market or leadership or simply a new desired state. You likely know it needs to happen. It’s best to drive the change on your terms. As Jack Welch once noted, “change before you have to.”

Services We Offer

  • Provide state-of-the-art change management tools adapted to your needs
  • Integrate communications plan with change management efforts
  • Develop purposeful solutions to change mindset and behaviors, address resistance, and prepare stakeholders
  • Design programs, processes and policies for reinforcement of key behaviors
  • Measure and evaluate results

Case Study

  • Issue

    A professional services firm had shifted its business strategy to pursue large-scale government contracts and needed to rethink its talent acquisition and onboarding process.

  • Solution

    We created a recruiting strategy that included gathering market intelligence, proactively developing and cultivating a talent pipeline through incumbent outreach, and active engagement of the recruiting team in the proposal process. Our team developed a structured interviewing methodology for identifying candidates for critical roles to ensure success of the project staffing, which was leveraged for multiple contract pursuits.
    We developed a change management and communications plan that considered programmatic systems and behavioral change needed to deliver on the business strategy.
    Implementing the plan, we created an efficient on-boarding process to engage new employees prior to start date and enable faster contribution.

  • Results

    • The HR/Recruiting organization is now viewed as a strategic partner integral to successful proposal efforts.
    • All new ventures were successfully staffed on day one, resulting in zero revenue loss.
    • Teams actively engaged with new hires from the very start of contracts, resulting in positive client impact.
    • Business leaders who were once hesitant to have the HR team engage in the pursuit process gave accolades on the new approach.