Organizational Design + Strategy

“It takes a pair of fresh eyes to see, but more importantly to perceive what’s missing in an organization.”

-Pearl Zhu

Globalization, digitization, consumerism, and demographic shifts are forcing companies to be more innovative and agile. As the business needs shift, organizational structures need to facilitate collaboration and innovation. Organizational structures need to be more flexible, allowing teams to innovate quickly, and encourage working more closely with their customers. We strive to design an effective organizational structure to meet your dynamic business needs by assessing and aligning your team to team-based goals; optimizing performance management and rewards; planning and developing a talent pipeline to deliver on your business strategy; and advising your managers and leaders on best practice coaching and mentoring approaches.

Services we offer:

  • Facilitate leadership and strategic planning 
  • Strategize organizational design to meet your dynamic business needs
  • Assess and align team to team-based goals
  • Study workforce productivity and performance to deliver on your strategy 
  • Guide management on employee coaching and mentoring best practices

Case Study

  • Issue

    A new head of HR wanted to improve team performance and alignment with the business and transform the function of HR to a strategic partner.

  • Solution

    We conducted an organizational and team effectiveness analysis that led to design and delivery of multi-day strategic planning and team-building sessions, a transformation plan to designate HR a proactive business partner, the development of HR team competencies, and workshops targeted to improve communication and collaboration skills.

  • Results

    • Strategic goals are now tied to organization’s overarching mission and strategy; goal setting cascaded to employees
    • Initiatives are aligned and prioritized to ensure focus and successful implementation
    • Improved employee feedback in critical areas of communication, recognition, team cohesion
    • Improved operational efficiency based on processing time and client feedback