Talent Solutions

“Happy employees ensure happy customers. And happy customers ensure happy shareholders—in that order.”

-Simon Sinek

Top performing organizations create a unique employee experience through compelling, creative and relevant solutions. The people strategy is an extension of the business agenda where employee priorities are included in core business practices and leaders make it a priority to focus on their people. In fact, your culture is driven by the behaviors, actions, and processes that exist in your organization. Many of the talent practices, policies and processes drive the culture. While talent shortages in critical skill areas, the arrival of Gen Z’s, and the gig economy continue to stress our traditional people strategies, we help you design new talent strategies talent practices to recruit, onboard, develop and retain, and to reinforce the intentional culture and values you want to see come to life.

When you invest in your employees, they will invest in you.

Services we offer:

  • Prepare leadership to facilitate employee growth and development
  • Recruit, build and foster high performing teams
  • Craft creative best practice talent strategies such as employment value proposition, strategic onboarding, performance management and rewards
  • Facilitate experiential, customized workshops on building and sustaining high performing cultures

Case Study

  • Issue

    An association’s CEO identified the need to shift the organizational culture to one that values its employees and rewards creativity, collaboration, accountability, and communication.

  • Solution

    To drive the new culture, our team created a new talent strategy and roadmap linked to the business strategy and rebuilt the organization’s job and salary structure. We made core competencies drive recruitment, selection, performance and learning, and we created a customized leadership development program for high potentials and change champions. We implemented a revamped, agile, and simple performance management program that focused on accountability through feedback and established real-time performance discussion, eliminating annual written reviews and ratings. Finally, we improved accessibility and silo-busting by hosting learning sessions and offering “shadow-a-leader” days with organization leaders.

  • Results

    • Key indicators in pulse surveys and focus groups showed significant improvement in multiple areas, including leader ratings.
    • The number of successful, cross-functional new projects increased.
    • The notorious high turnover rate of top talent significantly decreased.