The Silverene Group works at the intersection of people + strategy + culture to optimize organizational performance.

The Silverene Group provides enterprise-wide strategies and programs that improve culture, workforce quality and operations in organizations.  We start by understanding your business model and what is important to you. We partner with you to develop a talent roadmap that’s actionable, creates immediate value, and helps you achieve short term financial goals and drive business growth.

Speaking Engagements

Shaara Roman | Managing Partner

Shaara Roman is founder and managing director of The Silverene Group, a management consulting firm that advances companies by aligning people programs with business goals. She counsels CEOs, CHROs, and c-suite executives through pivotal organization transitions, such as rapid growth, mergers, and acquisitions. Creating successful strategies on organization design, values alignment in hiring and leadership, and how to eliminate toxic stressors in the workplace, she produces engaged and productive teams, and is a frequent speaker on the role of company culture in driving employee and business success.

Prior to founding The Silverene Group, Shaara held executive leadership positions in fortune 500 companies, including Fannie Mae and Visa, as well as CGI and the NRECA. Born in, Bombay, India, raised in Lagos, Nigeria, and educated in the UK, Shaara’s global upbringing provided the foundation for her distinctive expertise in crafting winning workplace strategies for multinational organizations.



Corporate culture is commonly defined as “how we do things around here.”  A company’s culture manifests in its employee’s behaviors which ultimately drive customer satisfaction and impact the bottom line.



Globalization, digitization, consumerism and demographic shifts are forcing companies to be more innovative and agile. As the business needs shift, organizational structures need to facilitate collaboration and innovation.


Maximizing the
Employee Experience

Talent shortages in critical skill areas, the arrival of Gen Z’s and the new “gig” economy continue to stress our traditional people strategies. New talent strategies are an extension of the business agenda and treat employees like consumers.


Talent is Transforming


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