The Silverene Group works at the intersection of people + strategy + culture to optimize organizational performance.

1 day ago
Culture alignment is one of the core #foundations of any successful organization. Statistics show plenty of tangible benefits to having culture alignment, so be sure you’re not missing out on this opportunity!

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2 days ago
Our founder, Shaara Roman, is honored to be an alum judge for the 2021 Executive Challenge at Georgetown’s McDonoguh School of Business!

Shaara is forever grateful to be a part of the @Georgetown community.

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4 days ago
Since May is Mental Health Awareness Month, learn below how mental health awareness in the workplace can have a positive impact - be sure not to miss the success stories near the end of the page!

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“We work hand-in-hand with clients to create organizations of purpose. We believe that when people are empowered, they connect to their work. This leads to big ideas, open communication, and employees who make a real difference. Ultimately, we create long-term value for your employees, customers, and stakeholders.”

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