Our Story

The Silverene Group works at the intersection of people + strategy + culture to optimize organizational performance.

What’s in a Name?

After building a successful career and landing coveted executive roles in HR and leading transformation and change efforts in organizations, I still felt something was missing. I was not as enthusiastic about it as I knew I should be. I had the entrepreneurial bug that has been inherent in my family. I realized that I needed to go out on my own, combining my passion and purpose as a consultant and executive advisor to help companies of every size and industry create effective workplaces.

The Silverene Group was established in 2016 with my family’s entrepreneurial spirit at its core. My great-great-grandfather, who founded a carbonated beverage business that endured for over 100 years and eventually sold to Pepsi, built the family home called “Silverene.” It is a place that holds many special memories, and The Silverene Group continues his legacy of purpose, grit, passion, legacy, and building a sense of community. These are the values that were ingrained in me and now drive our work and how we partner with you.

“I’m passionate about changing the way organizations engage their people to transform offices into hubs of creativity and productivity and scaling employees for long-term company success, particularly with Generation Z.”

– Shaara Roman, Founder

What Our Clients Say