Our Story

The Silverene Group works at the intersection of people + strategy + culture to optimize organizational performance.

The Silverene Group’s Founder, Shaara, was born in India, raised in Nigeria, schooled in England, and lived in Greece before coming to the U.S. as a young adult married to a Puerto Rican. Shaara’s early life experiences as a guest in someone else’s country instilled a sense of curiosity, empathy, and recognition that the more diverse and different voices we have at the “table,” the richer and more meaningful the dialogue and outcomes. She also came to realize that we must ensure that we provide access, opportunity, and support to lift up the voices of people who have been prevented from fully participating.

That fuels the energy to create a welcoming work environment where all staff, members, clients, vendors, and other stakeholders recognize the value and strengths they and their team members bring to the table and where they can proudly fully live their own diverse traits and experiences. We are proud to have deliberately curated a team who fully represents the richness of diversities that exist in this country and beyond.

The Silverene Group was established in 2016 with Shaara’s family’s entrepreneurial spirit at its core. Following in the lead of generations past, Shaara left her successful career to help others build for change. Inspired by Shaara’s great-great-grandfather, who built his business in their family home called Silverene, The Silverene Group continues his legacy of purpose, grit, passion, impact, and building a sense of community

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