Leadership & Team Coaching

Studies indicate that training and coaching leads to an increase of 88% in productivity, versus 23% from training alone. Further studies show that 86% of companies recoup their investment on coaching, and more. In any organization, the people on the inside are its biggest assets. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to helping your team learn, grow, and flourish.

Our 1:1, team, and group leadership coaching services help your people explore new tools and techniques, observe actions and outcomes, and integrate learning into work practices. We ensure that your leadership team is cohesive and therefore able to effectively execute strategy.

With certifications from Gallup Clifton Strengths, the Predictive Index, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Leadership Circle Profile, Prosci, 5 Behaviors and more, we are fully equipped to assess the needs of your team, set development goals, and achieve high-power results. Using insightful assessments, we are able to gain a unique understanding of each individual, as well as the group dynamics.

Services we offer:

  • 1:1 leadership coaching 
  • Team coaching to drive high performance of intact leadership teams at all levels 
  • Group coaching for specialized groups such as women, aspiring leaders, people of color, women in tech, etc. 
  • Custom facilitated workshops and strategic planning 
  • Team development programs 
  • Leadership development programs

Case Study

  • Issue

    A client’s Senior Leadership Team was in need of coaching, not so much as individuals, but as a group working together/relying on each other.

    We had worked with the client to facilitate their strategy planning meetings in prior years. The client had grown rapidly over the prior three years and the CEO needed his senior leadership team to rise to the challenge of leading a more complex, larger organization as well as to trust each other and work more effectively together to lead the organization’s culture and growth strategy.

  • Solution

    Conducted a series of interviews with the senior team as well as key stakeholders to understand the team’s strengths and learning edge.

    Utilized the Leadership Circle Profile™ to coach leaders in increasing awareness of self and others’ behaviors and mindsets, as well as identifying reactive and creative tendencies and understanding how they impact the team dynamics and the ability to achieve results, causing stunted organization performance.

    Designed a six-month group coaching program to coach the leaders in purposeful role modeling, using radical candor, building trust, and breaking down barriers that were serving as impediments.

    Leaders were also coached to lean into their natural strengths and empower their next level of management to lead and deliver on key strategic initiatives.

  • Results

    • The leadership team was able to come together, as never before, and leverage their collective strengths to lead the company through a time of crisis by fostering open, transparent dialogue that was well received by all staff
    • The next level leaders provided feedback that the senior team were more effective role models as well as visibly more cohesive, aligned and focused as a team, which facilitated collaboration among their teams
    • The team was able to deliver sustained performance improvement and exceed goals

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