Inclusion Solutions

It’s been proven that companies that are diverse and inclusive have 8x return on every dollar spent on DE&I, are 6x more likely to be innovative and agile, and 8x more likely to have better business outcomes overall. Furthermore, a high sense of belonging within an organization leads to a 56% increase in job performance. It’s also simply the right thing to do.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion are foundational traits of an organization. Without the proper groundwork and continued integration of DE&I into the fabric of your organization, the whole operation is doomed to crumble.

What is your organization doing to ensure that DE&I are an ongoing priority? Let us help you pinpoint where your strategy is succeeding and where additional efforts are needed.

Services we offer:

  • Conduct a thorough DE&I assessment
  • Design an action-oriented strategy customized to your needs and aspirations 
  • On-demand coaching and advisory 
  • A variety of employee transformation workshops 
  • Inclusive Leadership and Employee Development Programs 
  • Retainer based consulting

Case Study

  • Issue

    An organization’s culture scores had been steadily declining and past efforts had not resulted in improvements.

  • Solution

    After conducting an assessment and analysis of employee feedback through surveys, focus groups, and interviews, as well as a thorough analysis of organization artifacts, we identified the key areas of improvement.
    We developed an integrated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion change strategy and roadmap to create an inclusive culture.
    We developed and facilitated coaching based workshops for leaders to build capability around inclusive leadership traits such as curiosity, collaboration, courage, and communication.
    Using our bias-busting framework, we assessed talent programs (recruitment, promotions, performance management) for bias and provided recommendations and training on mitigation strategies.
    We developed a cohesive DEI education strategy to ensure a common organizational awareness and understanding of diversity, equity and inclusion. We also designed and led all staff workshops to foster awareness of race, power and privilege.

  • Results

    • Identified organizational, leadership and employee areas of focus to drive change
    • Leadership coaching sessions which resulted in positive behavioral change in leadership style and operational impact
    • Fostered awareness of behavioral change needed by each individual in the organization resulting in positive change
    • Improved key metrics on having a voice, demonstrating respect and accountability, and seeing positive change by at least 50% over twelve months based on pulse survey feedback

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