Culture Design

“Your culture is your brand.”

-Tom Hsieh, CEO, Zappos.com

What’s the big deal with culture? High performing, successful organizations have well-managed cultures that align with their business strategy. Organizations that are intentional about their culture have inspiring leaders, values alignment in hiring, and authentic communication. When culture isn’t actively managed the collective behaviors – good and bad – ultimately drive customer engagement and impact the bottom line.

We work with you to identify and define your current culture, mapping out your desired future state. We align your workplace culture to your business strategy through collaborative face-to-face workshops and an integrated study of your mission, vision, and values. We manage the communication around transforming your culture and design reinforcing practices to ensure you have the tools to strengthen behaviors throughout your organization.

Services we offer:

  • Define your current culture to design your desired culture
  • Align culture to business strategy 
  • Assess and align culture of M&A targets 
  • Craft communications strategies around culture implementation
  • Design reinforcing practices to ensure your culture longevity

Case Study

  • Issue

    An organization’s employee engagement scores had been steadily declining and past efforts had not resulted in improvements.

  • Solution

    After conducting an assessment and analysis of employee engagement feedback, we developed a change strategy to create a “best places to work” culture. We engaged senior leadership who would commit to role model and implement key behaviors to improve trust, foster autonomy and empowerment, and increase employee engagement and organizational effectiveness. We developed and facilitated workshops for leaders and aspiring leaders to build capability around leadership, motivation, feedback and communication.

  • Results

    • Identified organizational, leadership and employee areas of focus to drive change
    • Led coaching sessions with leaders resulted in positive behavioral change in leadership style and operational impact
    • Fostered awareness of behavioral change needed by each individual in the organization resulting in positive change
    • Improved key metrics on having voice, demonstrating respect and accountability, and seeing positive change by at least 50% over twelve months based on pulse survey feedback